Justice League Trailer: Review

The thing about previews is that they usually edit in the best shots attached to the best one-liners that make you sit there and think, man I really can’t wait until this movie hits theaters, it looks legit. So there you go all hyped up and pay a premium fee to watch it and it’s garbage. Now you’re left thinking, man these preview editors really do know how to get you.

Well based on the Justice League official trailer that came out earlier today, I genuinely don’t think that’ll be the case. Aside from everyone still being mad that Ben Affleck is playing Batman, (which we all need to get over), and DC Comics sometimes trying too hard to make their movies look cool, this film looks pretty promising.

The plot of the film is that some powerful villain is coming to town to do something bad, (nothing new there), and Batman needs to recruit the best of the best to fight this villain off.

Ok, so it seems like any other super hero movie right? No.

I’ll tell you why: 2 words—Jason Momoa. Not only is this guy attractive, (just stating the obvious here), he is an insane actor. That man can seriously act. His performance in the Game of Thrones was disgustingly good. When the world got a glimpse of who’d play Aquaman in Batman vs. Super: Dawn of Justice, we all freaked out. This guy is perfect for this role.

Another reason, which this preview highlights so well, is Ezra Miller playing The Flash. You get snip bits of his witty driven character and you know right away he’s the comedic relief in this action thriller. I’m all about good actors, and this guy is definitely one of them. He has a grand acting range. He was funny in Train Wreck yet was so dark in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Even though we didn’t see him in this preview clip, (which was a bad call, if you ask me), I’ve always been stoked about Jesse Eisenburg as Lex Luthor. This man can do no wrong in the acting world. He’s absurdly good playing this role. And consequently, he is the exact reason why I’ll be watching this film on opening night.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been too excited about Gal Godot as Wonder Woman or Ben Affleck as Batman or Henry Cavill as Superman. And based on this trailer, I don’t think I’ll leave the theater thinking any different. But who knows, maybe their group chemistry might show them a little better on screen?

All in all, the preview gives the impression the film will be a promising action thriller with some good acting. So there’s really nothing more I can ask of the movie, for now at least. Just wake me up when September ends, so I’ll be closer to watching this film.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

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Abbey Fernandez

Abbey Fernandez is a Broadcasting major at Cal State Fullerton.
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