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There is no denying the power that is Pentagon. Their fans are on another level. These boys certainly know how to “Shine,” especially since their mega hit “Shine” was released.

So, when they decided to perform at New York KCON we knew we were in for a real treat, but we had no idea what they had for us when they took the KCON outdoor stage, prior to the evening’s big show, for a Q & A that spilled some of the group’s silliest secrets. The boys admitted that the success of their mega hit “Shine” took them by surprise. They explained that when they were writing the song they wanted it to have a nerdy, but cute style and vibe. However, when it came to styling the music video for the song, their management actually told them that the boys were being too nerdy and too cute and ask them to change it.

The boys also opened up about their creative process. They said they start with writing the lyrics and then hold a meeting with all the members and then come up with a general idea or concept for the album and then move on to choreography and performances. They even joked that there is an audition process or competition for which member gets to sing which lines.

They also went on to explain the concept behind the group’s name. They said that a pentagon has five edges and every edge represents their ability. They explained that every member of the group has the same five successful abilities. The first being talent, followed by teamwork, then vocal/ rap skills, as well as dance ability and finally a strong mind.

Given their skills and abilities, they did have some fun calling each other out. For example, E Dawn would be the member who would be most likely to forget a song lyric. He made the excuses that rappers have a lot of lines. The group also joked that Shin Won takes the longest time when recording songs because his voice is always cracking. As for who works out the most? That honor goes to Yuto. Who was proud to show off his muscles to the crowd. And lastly, the funniest member of Pentagon, well, that is Shin Won. The members called him out as he was pantomiming and showing off his sense of humor.

Hui and E Dawn produce and compose a lot of Pentagon’s music as well as songs for other K-pop artists. When asked who they would like to write for they joke the now de-funked One Direction, boy band. But then Hui admitted, “I’m always composing for someone or Pentagon. So, I want to compose for myself.”

Wow, so could we be seeing a solo track or better yet a mixtape from Hui? Well, here is to hoping. Fingers-crossed!

Emerson Unger

Emerson Unger is a producer for MUSE TV out of New York. She is an accomplished individual in the field working with such media outlets as Associated Press, MTV News and E! Online to name a few. Unger is a lover of movie's and Korean Pop Music.