K-pop Idol, Heize, Dishes on Creative Process and Success at KCON NY 2018

Prior to her jaw-dropping performance at KCON NY this year Heize took time out to chat with her fans and dish on her career as well as staying true to herself. She took to the KCON outdoor stage earlier in the day for a fun game of Q & A Jenga. Obviously, a fun take and reference to her song, “Jenga.”

To the delight of her east coast fans, Heize explained that this year’s New York KCON was the first time she had done the festival on this coast, having taking the stage several times for KCON LA. During her Q & A, she sent out numerous hearts and love to her east coast fans and those in attendance. Heize, who admits to writing songs about ex-loves, also explained that she thinks her music has received so much love from her fans because she keeps her lyrics and songs very true to herself. She cites how she is “very truthful” in her songs and explains that she pulls a lot of her inspiration from basically her life, her daily life, and on people. However, with her growing success she explains it’s not always easy to write anymore. She explains that she is constantly on the move, so busy traveling for work now, and thus finds herself having to write a lot of her “songs in the car” while she’s traveling… from one place to another. She jokes, “most of… [my] work is done in a car these days.”

Apart from writing, Heize also self-produces her own albums, which can mean a lot work as well as a lot of reward. She says, “the best part about releasing an album, in which all the songs are self-produced, is that… [I am] able to be a part entire creative process.” She explains, she puts her passion and her stories into her songs and when the music comes out, she knows her concept, she knows her style. She adds the best part is she performed for you guys soon she’s able to deliver her song to the fullest potential because she has full creative control over what she’s doing. She also added that she never received professional composing lessons, but rather is all self-taught, having started to compose and produce her own music back in high school.

Heize also opened up about her name. She explained that she was inspired by the American rapper Angel Haze. She said she loved the name and so decided to change up the spelling and when she realized no one else was using it she took it as her own. Plus, she added that learned that Heize in German means warmth and she felt that explained her.

As for what is next for Heize, she says, she would like to work really hard this year so that by next year  she could have a concert of her own and a new album for her fans.

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