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KCONTACT is the one of the world’s largest convention and musical festivals that celebrates Korean pop culture.

It will include many music performances, fan meet and greets, plus exclusive content by all of the hottest K-pop artists. 

CJ NEM just announced that the virtual festival will return for its fifth season, ‘KCONTACT HI 5’. The 9 day event will start on September 18th and will end on the 26th. 

KCON first debuted in 2012 and has since attracted more that 1.1 million attendees to 24 events in multiple countries such as The United States, France, Australia, Mexico, Japan and many more.

It has since become the world’s largest festival to celebrate the Korean culture’s music. 

CJ NEM expanded its digital platforms last year to KCONTACT as a virtual and contactless version of KCON for all of its worldwide content-hungry fans.

The K-Culture festival has positioned itself to be the only one to connect global k-pop fans and artists during the pandemic. It had more that 112 K-pop artist groups and 17.45 million of fans viewing the show after four successful runs. 

This year’s festival is titled ‘KCONTACT HI 5’ after its universally known greeting. It aspires to create a safe and intimate environment where the fans can interact with each other and their favorite artists with a contactless ‘high five’.

Also, the festival aspires to prove that a successful K-culture celebration is possible without physically being all together.

It will evolve into a O4O (Online for Offline) platform by extending its exclusive content offline. 

Hyun Soo Kim, Head of CJ Music adds, “KCONTACT continues to create an innovative showcase of music that is both mind blowing and intimate. The goal of KCON has always been to bring fans and artists closer together, and KCONTACT has been an excellent solution to do just that while we can’t physically be together.”  

Fans will be taken to the next level because the music convention will increase and strengthen the personal talk and live chat experiences with the artists by implementing more interactive elements to capture the hearts of the k-pop fans. 

KCONTACT will be available for Live and On Demand Stream on the KCON  and Mnet K-Pop official YouTube Channels.

It will also be streamed to countries around the world through Youtube to fans with a membership. 

KCON will have back panels and workshops that will be available for fans in the US. 

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