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Kelsey Montague Wing Mural Unveiled at Universal CityWalk

Are you an Instagram addict who is always seeking new places to capture the perfect picture for your followers?

We have found the perfect place for you.

Kelsey Montague, known for her wing murals around the city of Los Angeles has added a new pair to Universal Citywalk.

“ These wings are very much LA wings, that’s what I’m calling them and I love this city it’s so creative. I love all the different people that come here. The weather is amazing, of course.”

Montague created the wings with white pen paint on a huge purple wall located right in front of Lids and adjacent to Cinnabon.

We asked the artist if she had a dream project and she told us that she will be painting on an entire side of a building in Poland. Luckily for Montague her dream project will become reality but like she said it will be challenging.

“It’s going to be a whole new medium for me using paint pens and spray paint, so it’s going to be my big challenge coming up.”

Montague is also known for giving back to her community. Around 2013, Montague and her sister found an organization called Hidden Baby where they helped provide poor children with resources they nay need.

She feels like the wings also give back to the community by allowing people to share stories with one another through social media.

“ I love anything that is giving back, it’s just a good thing to do and you feel good about it.”

She studied Art at Richmond in London and received her Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a British Bachelor of Arts degree.

Fun fact, Taylor Swift posted a photo of herself with the angel wings on Instagram and that drew publicity to Montague’s artwork and social media accounts, on July 19, 2014.

Make sure to fly on over to Universal Citywalk and be among the many first to photograph yourself in front of the LA wings.

You can follow her journey and artwork on social media through her handle @KelseyMontagueArt and if you happen to take a picture with the gorgeous wings make sure to use the hashtag #WhatLiftsYou .

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