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Kihyun, of Monsta X, has officially released his highly anticipated solo debut album; KIHYUN The 1st Single Album ‘VOYAGER’. Dropping 7 years after his debut in Monsta XVOYAGER consists of 3 tracks and a music video. The lyrics throughout this album talk about Kihyun’s journey into the new world from the perspective of a ‘voyager.’ The first world that Kihyun encounters is his own ‘paradise,’ a world that he has been dreaming of. It’s a place where he can escape from one’s exhausting day-to-day realities. It’s an imaginary break – a comma from daily life. He will go on a journey to discover his sound, outside of anything he’s shown through Monsta X, and create music that he genuinely misses and craves. 

Kihyun’s debut solo album is spearheaded by the title track “VOYAGER,”with lyrics about a world that he has dreamed of. He sings; “Feeling like a voyager, feel so free. This relaxed feeling in my busy life. The thrill I’ve forgotten, I can feel it. The paradise I dreamed of, so beautiful.” As the song unravels the honest feelings Kihyun has felt in his journey to the unknown, fantasy world, listeners will be able to immerse themselves completely into his deep emotions. The music video for “VOYAGER” vividly demonstrates his dream of escaping one’s mundane daily routine.

Track number two “,(COMMA)” sees British singer-songwriter Etham listed as a composer, while Kihyun presents himself as a lyricist for the song. “Through my lyrics, I wanted to express the inner feelings and thoughts of those who always try to be positive and cheerful” he states. In addition, “RAIN” delivers vivid post-breakup emotions with its mysterious, dark sound.

VOYAGER reflects Kihyun’s journey to find out who he truly is. While the title track “VOYAGER” emphasizes Kihyun’s more upbeat side, the other two tracks illuminate his more emotional side. Although he is sharing a story of his own, Kihyun wants it to resonate with anyone who has forgotten about their dreams to survive this harsh reality.

Showcasing his true love for artistry, Kihyun has been paying homage to some of his favorite musicians throughout the past few years with YouTube covers. His cover of Tom Grennan’s “Little Bit of Love” and Imagine Dragons “Believer” and “Natural” have been praised not only by the fans, but by both of those respective artists.

VOYAGER tracklist:


2. , (COMMA)