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Knott’s Berry Farm Celebrates Summer With New Attractions

Knott's Berry Farm Raffi Kaprelyan
Knott’s Berry Farm General Manager Raffi Kaprelyan (back) is the first to ride the newly restored attraction. Photo Courtesy of Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm add three new family style rides and welcomes back and old classic with a new touch, Timber Mountain Log Ride


Imagine a boysenberry pie transforming into a roller coaster with hairpin turns. No, you don’t need magic to make this happen, you just need the imagination and dedication of Walter and Cordelia Knott, founders of Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. Knott’s over the years has been able to catch the hearts of families all over Southern California, and this year is no different. Keeping with Walter and Cordelia’s envisions of a family oriented theme park, the current owners, Cedar Fair Parks, brought in three new family rides to the Boardwalk Pier area, and reimagined the classic Timber Mountain Log Ride.

The Boardwalk Pier area is completely revamped. Where the Perilous Plunge water ride once stood is now the home to Coast Rider, Pacific Scrambler, and Surfside Glider. The Coast Rider is a Wild-Mouse style ride, throwing riders from a 52 foot drop into a series of hairpin turns. Riders think they’re about to go careening off the edge, but of course the four-person cars never miss a turn, making this a great ride for the whole family. The Pacific Scrambler is Knott’s take on the favorite carnival scrambler ride. The Surfside Glider is a neat ride that suspends a two-person aircraft by cables, 28 feet in the air. Riders can pilot their own views with the hands on features of this ride. An opening ceremony was held on the Boardwalk to celebrate these fun new rides. Snoopy stood alongside Knott’s Berry Farm’s Vice President and General Manger Raffi Kapreylan as he cut the honorary boysenberry taffy, adorned with a perfect gold bow.

Kapreylan said about the new Boardwalk area, “We would all agree that that to our creative team would make you think you were walking around a seaside boardwalk.”

The Timber Mountain Log Ride, which originally opened in 1969, was reimagined this year by the Knott’s team. New animatronics are expected to be a great hit with park guests. But Knott’s enthusiasts have nothing to fear because the original lumberjack theme is still the focus of the ride. To honor the reimagination of the ride, Knott’s held a ceremony in which John Wayne’s son, Ethan, spoke about his fond memories of the original opening. The park also opened an exhibit for the day centered on the Log Ride’s history, featuring sketches and models from Bud Hurlbut’s original designs for the ride. The John Wayne Cancer Foundation was also in attendance, raising money for research. The Foundation teamed up with Knott’s to sell an original 1969 log ride items on Ebay, with all proceeds going to the Foundation.

With these new attractions, Knott’s is sure to be the summertime amusement park you just can’t pass up.

Knott’s Berry Farm Boardwalk and Timber Mountain Log Ride:

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