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Knott’s Berry Farm to revive California Missions models

Buena Park, Calif.— Twenty one scale models of the California Missions will return to Knott’s Berry Farm in the upcoming months.

Founder of the park Walter Knott hired Leon Bayard Volo to recreate all of the California missions originally displayed in cases that ran along Calico Railroad as a safety precaution in order to keep guests away the stagecoach trail in 1950. This area eventually become named after the highway that connects all of the missions in real life, El Camino Real.

Woodshop and craftsman of Knott’s Berry Farm, Bob Weir has been working on restoring the replicas that features missions from Santa Barbara to Santa Ines for a three-year long project so that new generations can be educated and entertained. The models can be viewed in their original location, marked by the two full sized arches placed near the Ghost Town General Store and Wave Swinger.

Knott’s will be hosting an “Early California History Day” on March 15 in part of celebrating the return of the missions that welcomes students to visit the models in attempts to revive  Walters Knott’s dream that sparked the commission.

“Knott’s Berry Farm prides itself in celebrating California’s rich, living history, and the California Mission models hold as much educational value as they do sentimental value for many of our guests,” said Knott’s general manager, Jon Storbeck. “We know that grade school curriculums in California include lessons on the California Missions, so we’re pleased that Knott’s Adventures in Education programs will allow students a unique and authentic learning experience that can only be found at Knott’s.”

Students also have the opportunity to enter their homemade models in the California Missions competition to win a Knott’s Berry Farm prizes.

For more information about the missions, Early California History Day and how to obtain 2017 season passes visit the Knott’s Berry Farm website.

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