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Knott’s To Debut New Attraction: Voyage To The Iron Reef on May 15,2015

Head’s up! Attraction junkies! Knott’s Berry Farm will finally debut their new ride “Voyage To The Iron Reef” in May. That’s right a new 4-D interactive ride where you and your family can feel like a hero. What do I mean by feeling like a hero? Well, this attraction enables you to fight mysterious creatures from underneath the seas of the Boardwalk. You will be able to battle these sea monsters by entering underwater forests full of surprises on your every turn. With the amazing 3-D animation your experience will make it even more special when those disorienting ocean current tunnels try to break you away from your pack, But beware! your ride may experience some mechanical issues. Don’t worry, it’s not real, it’s all part of the show, do worry about getting yourself to safe territory.

The submarine-like ride will take you through 600 feet of track and 11 outstanding scenes featuring hundreds of media-based creatures and special effects. The new ride will adapt to your actions offering a different experience every time you jump into the vehicle. The riders will try and aim their freeze rays at puffer fish, iron clad octopus while they compete against their family and friends. The goal is to get a high-score and get onto the Iron Reef’s Hall of Fame so, then later on you can brag to your friends of how much of a hero you were and they weren’t.

If that wasn’t enough and doesn’t have you convinced during these upcoming weeks there will be more updates about the ride. Below is a video of the upcoming attraction to give you more info of how it is going to look like. For now, prepare yourself to fight off the sea creatures, you still have time to perfect your aim, be the first person to be on that Hall of Fame!

Voyage to the Iron Reef Teaser (Brand New Knott’s Berry Farm 4-D Interactive Ride):

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