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Knott’s Scary Farm Announces NEW Mazes and Interactive Zombie Apocalypse

Knott's Scary Farm
Special Event to announce the 2014 Knott’s Scary Farm was held last Wednesday. Tickets are on sale now and begins September 25. Photo by Denise Salcedo/M.U.S.E.

BUENA PARK, CA —  Knott’s Scary Farm has officially announced the eleven mazes that will be apart of the 2014 Halloween Haunt season beginning September 25th to November 1st; including scare-zones, the ultimate zombie-killing attraction for zombie-killing lovers, the return of the haunted goddess Elvira: Mistress of the Dark live show and the new Knott’s Scary Farm Season Pass.


  • Voodoo– Demons, Spirits, and Zombies, Oh My!  Voodoo breaks the conventional maze rules and is breaking from tradition, this maze will have no walls. That’s right, you will be stepping into a sound-studio like terrain, that will force you to choose between left and right. In Voodoo, you can choose which path to take throughout the entire maze, each path completely differs from the others bringing new experiences. Let your fear of old bridges, gruely swamps and dark woods come to rest, because Voodoo is going to have no mercy on your soul and which path you choose to take. Voodoo will contain a key room with chances of being buried alive.  Designed by Brooke Walters.
  • The Tooth Fairy— This maze will probably convince you to lower your intake of Halloween candy. As children, the Tooth Fairy was always the nice fairy that brought us money. Not this year. The Tooth Fairy is promising to be a gory, gritty slaughterhouse. The story of this maze focuses on how staying up and waiting for the Tooth Fairy is never a good idea, because she will catch you and put you into her lair. The Tooth Fairy was designed by Daniel Miller, and he came up with the idea after a visit to the dentist.
  • Trapped: Lock & Key– Although, this maze has been done for the last two years, creators have improved this experience. It will be a series of terrifying mini shows, and the star in these shows is you. This is by far the longest maze lasting between 20 to 25 minutes.  Designed by Timothy “Gus” Krueger.

“I want all of you to hate me for what I am going to do to you this year,” said Krueger.


  • Trick or Treat– Trick or treating at the Witch’s house.
  • Dominion of the Damned— This year creators have decided to bring the bitter, evil Queen back.
  • Forevermore – In this maze, a killer is murdering people in homage to the great poet, Edgar Allen Poe. More live murder scenes have also been added.
Knott's Scary Farm Forevermore
Photo Courtesy of Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Pinocchio Unstrung — The story of this maze will be going in deeper into the roots of book, Pinocchio. It will be more horrific in comparison to the cute puppet that just wants to be a real boy.
  • Black Magic – This maze will include a hall of illusion and revolves around Houdini. And will be filled with tricksters and magicians.
Black Magic Opening Knott's Scary Farm
Photo Courtesy of Knott’s Berry Farm
  • The Gunslinger’s Grave— Enter the haunting battlefield of the 1880’s the way the cowboys did it back in the day of the Old West. Also, an added bonus to the finale, a town hall shoot out.
  • The Witch’s Keep– The witch promises to “paralyze you with fear,” and “give you something to scream about.”


  • Ghost Town Streets– Apart of the Old West Ghost Town, walk through here and the green witch will curse you and turn you into your most hideous form of being.
  • Gypsy Camp–  Learn the crypt of secrets as fortune tellers read your past, present and future under the moonlight.
  • CarnEVIL—  Since clowns scare people, this scare-zone is a hot spot for fright and terrors.
  • Fiesta de los Muertos – In celebration of the dead, this scare-zone will continue.


Imagine a world where you had the chance to blow a zombie’s head off, Knott’s Scary Farm has added the ultimate fan interaction in Camp Snoopy. A group of people will be thrown inside of a zombie apocalypse, given a weapon and the honor of blowing zombie heads off.  This attraction has never been done before for Halloween Haunt, each shooter has to kill as many zombies to score a higher tally and must be able to complete the missions at hand.  There will be two outposts and this attraction is free of charge.

Interview with Elvira Mistress of the Dark at 2014 Knott’s Scary Farm Announcement by M.U.S.E.
And for those of you who aren’t interested in haunted mazes, Knott’s has announced the return of Elvira’s live show. M.U.S.E got the opportunity to talk to the Mistress of the Dark and got the insights on some of Elvira’s favorite ghouls.

Lastly, after popular demand, Knott’s has created a Knott’s Scary Farm Season Pass, with no black-out days. However, the pass is only being made available to season pass holders.

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