2015 Los Angeles Film Festival

L.A Film Fest Welcomes Las Malas Lenguas to L.A

Los Angeles, CA- “Las Malas Lenguas” or “Sweet and Vicious” had their movie premiere at L.A Film Festival and was a great success, so great that it was too full to allow anyone else in the theater. The 26-year-old Colombian filmmaker, Juan Paulo Laserna, who wrote and directed this unique film wanted to center the everyday struggles of Colombia rather than shine the light to the everyday “Hollywood” story Colombia has been linked to for years like, drugs, narcs and violence. “We decided to change the focus of the effects of the violence towards the causes of the violence,” said the Colombian Filmmaker, “..it shouldn’t be so much about how people go out and shoot another person, [rather] why they decided to [and] [what their life] becomes [during the] conflict.”

Laserna also added, “the original idea was to pursue that within a class that is very privileged…[and] you take off [the] necessity and you just leave like the way things are you find someone who theoretically has everything and that their wealth equals happiness, then it’s a lot clearer why they would want to jump off the rooftop”. People were in shock to learn that this was Laserna’s first feature-length film because he delivered such an excellent story about the struggles of trying to fit in a life they aren’t comfortable in.


Juan Paulo Laserna has definitely come along way; when he was 18 years old he started gaining knowledge from different cultures like Beijing where he went to pursue Mandarin studies in Beijing Language and Culture University and Sinoland Mandarin Institute. Not only that but Laserna proved to be versatile when it came to academics, he also went to the International Business Administration program in Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, Holland, after that he began studying film directing at School of Visual Arts where he won several awards and graduated with honors. Once in New York he began creating “Las Malas Lenguas”.

The cast is also spectacular in the film, Sara Montoya who plays Manuela Cruz, the protagonist brings light to the struggle of homosexuality and abortion in a culture where it is rarely mentioned. She spends day after day battling her true feelings towards her best friend Adriana (Matilde de Los Milagros Londoño) and her unwanted pregnancy from her boyfriend Mauricio (Pedro Mejia).

Juan Paulo Laserna knew Sara since he was 17-years-old but they never worked together “she was studying in New York acting and I was studying filmmaking and some of her friends in common where like “why don’t you guys work together?” so she worked in my last short before ‘Las Malas Lenguas’” said the 26-year-old. “She had a minor role, but she executed that role so well that I loved how natural she was and how professional she was.” Once the director saw how flawless her acting was he knew she was the perfect fit for the main role of Manuela. In addition, Sara had recommended Matilde because they both were already friends and it would be a natural and easy way to portray the films story. Sadly, the film is not available outside the L.A Film Festival, but hopefully soon will be on Netflix. For more information about the film go to https://www.facebook.com/lasmalaslenguaspelicula or www.juanpaulolaserna.com .

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