2015 Los Angeles Film Festival

L.A Film Festival: 3rd Street Blackout

Los Angeles, CA–L.A Film Festival shows diverse independent films in different categories; directors, writers and producers get the freedom to express their visualized story through actors, then eventually transmitting it to people on the big screen. That is exactly what Negin Farsad and Jeremy Redleaf accomplished with their movie “3rd Street Blackout”.

A Romantic comedy that is out of the ordinary tells a story of a technology obsessed couple that compliments each other in the best ways possible. When a blackout occurs on 3rd Street during Hurricane Sandy, Rudy (Jeremy Redleaf) and Mina (Negin Farsad) put their relationship to the test and discover a hidden secret Mina might have kept from her one and only, Rudy. Once Rudy finds out, he decides to hang out with his friends, leaving both Mina and Rudy without communication due to the hurricane. Although, there is no phone service in their location, tech-savvy Rudy finds an old-method to communicate to his love, a young boy named Chuck (Miles J. Harvey) who hand delivers any message Rudy or Mina have for each other, of course with a price. The messages keep going, making it a little weird each time for Chuck, but during all this time Mina gets to know her neighbors more and finds out things she didn’t know about Rudy as well.


Along with a great story line, the cast has good chemistry together, both Negin and Jeremy wrote and directed this film, if that wasn’t enough they starred in it too making it extremely difficult for themselves. But when a person has talent it shows right away and these two prove that they know how to take down challenges without a sweat. They chose great cast members as well: Janeane Garofalo (June Sherman), Devin Ratray (Adam Daddario), Phyllis Somerville (Susan Sussman), John Hodgman (Gary Voonerjab), Jordan Carlos (Ari Wiser), Ed Weeks (Nathan Blonket) and so many more great actors in this independent film.

It is a must watch film and get this, it’s not just a “chick flick” men can enjoy it as well! It does have dark humor so don’t watch it if you can’t have a good time, but if you’re a person that loves to laugh go to their website http://3rdstblackout.com/ or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/3rdstblackout to find out where you can watch it. Follow their social media too through Instagram and Twitter @3rdstblackout.

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