2015 Los Angeles Film Festival

L.A. Film Festival Review: People Places Things

Relationships fall apart for all kinds of reasons and if a couple is lucky the only things they have to put into boxes labeled, “his and hers” are clothing items, along with a few miscellaneous objects. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how the relationship ends, some couples are tied forever by children. And after things have settled into what their new normal is likely to consist of, weekends with dad and weekdays with mom, these divorces are inclined to navigate the all too forgotten murky  waters of dating.

In the film People Places Things, Will Henry (Jemaine Clement) is a graphic novelist who is playing his own real life version of a superhero. Will is juggling with raising his young twin daughters, teaching an aspiring novelists, while dipping his feet into the dating world. Although Will is trying to move on, he often finds himself reminiscing about the past and the mother of his twins, who cheated on him.

People Places Things explores what it is like to be a newly single parent who is trying to reconnect with the world away from the life they had thought they would share with their spouse. It navigates the complexities of being a single parent, professional and the emotions involved in beginning to date again.

Clement gives a genuinely touching portrayal of a man who wants to be the best father to his daughters, while dealing with the failed relationship with their mother. Though his character is not perfect, he is able to figure out how to do the best for himself, while keeping his daughters in mind.

Directed by James C. Strouse, People Places Things is sweet film dealing with situations that perhaps many newly single parents have found themselves in. At times it is comical, while during others it is heartfelt.

This film will touch your heart in very unexpected ways. You do not have to be a single parent watching in order to relate to the film and the characters. It is easily entertaining and uplifting. People Places Things is definitely a must watch!

People Places Things – A

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