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L.A Street Food Fest Offers The Best To Its People

Pasadena, CA— what makes people come together? Food of course, and that’s what L.A Street Food Festival did at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl. Hundreds of food vendors came from different parts of the world for its sixth consecutive year. There were top chefs from award-winning restaurants, delicious gourmet trucks and the best complement for food, beer! Six craft beer gardens were available for 21+ to enjoy during the hot weather. Other people who did not like beer made their way to different alcoholic beverages, which was the beauty of this event because you had choices, for example, people made their way to any of five craft cocktail bars or went wine and tequila tasting.

In order to get into this event people had to purchase tickets starting from $60, well worth the price since it includes all you can eat and drink plus free parking.  As soon as you walk into the gates, you’re received with a welcoming smile, a box to put your samples in and a map of the event. The map tells you where each region is located since its split into Europe, Latin, Asia and America, as well as indicating where each beverage stand, desserts and miscellaneous are located at. Families were also available to enjoy their samples inside the field on the grass or around, there was an exclusive VIP lounge area located in the middle of the field with its own bar.

The event had it all, savory BBQ dumplings, pork belly tostadas, natural ice cream, ceviche, tacos, French food, soul food and so many more things to try. It was the dream spot for all major foodies! Live entertainment was also catered to its guests, live mariachi, two dj’s, and a comedy truck. The crowd was also able to vote for their favorite street food and at the end of the night the winners were announced. Here is a list of some of the winners:

Photo By: Jazmin Bolanos/M.U.S.E
Photo By: Jazmin Bolanos/M.U.S.E

La Guerrererense, Toms Urban, El Mazateno, The Church Keys, Howlin Rays, Corazon y Miel, Fred 62, Faith and Flower, and Indie Jams.

If you missed out, don’t worry there’s always next year, to find out when you can buy your tickets or other information visit and make sure you prepare your stretchy pants because you’ll definitely need them.  Here is a list of all the street food’s that went to this year’s L.A Street Food Festival event:

Street Inspired Eats: El Coraloense, Faith and Flower, Cassell’s, Casa Oaxaca, Eagle Rock Brewery Public House, Bronzed Aussie, Charles Olalia’s Ricebar, Sarita’s Pupuseria, Diablo Taco, Komodo, Mexikosher, Little Beast, Yuca’s, Loteria Grill, Status Kuo, Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese, Fred Eric’s new Ramen 62, Top Round and Newport Seafood.

Photo By: Jazmin Bolanos/M.U.S.E
Photo By: Jazmin Bolanos/M.U.S.E

Trucks, Stands, Carts and Pop-Ups: Ceviche Project, Arroy Thai, Bling Bling Dumpling, Mumbai Kitchen, Taqueria El Severo, The Lobos Truck, Kai Kai Dumplings, Poke 2 Go, Howlin’ Rays, Crepe’n’Around, CAS Postcards, Monsieur Madame, Buddha Bing, Tacos La Bomba, Bibimap Backpackers, 401 Bar Bitez, L.A Wing, Comfort L.A, and Middle Feast (Champions of last year’s “Food Truck Race”)

New Additions: Osso, IMLI, Berliners, Tacoteca, Sweetfin Poke, Scratch Bar, Bachi Burger and Three Elbow Room.

Veggie Minded: One Veg World and Gadarene Swine

Visiting Guest Chef’s: Mariscos El Mazateno (Mexico) and La Guerrerense (Mexico)

Photo By: Jazmin Bolanos/ M.U.S.E
Photo By: Jazmin Bolanos/ M.U.S.E
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