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LA Film Festival Review: Beauty Mark

The indie-drama ‘Beauty Mark’ will take viewers on an emotional journey that will most likely stick with them days after watching it.

Angie (Auden Thornton), a young mother, attempts to take care of her three-year-old son and mother while trying to find a new home after being evicted. Struggling to gather the money for a new place, she turns to someone who abused her in the past for help.

Auden Thornton was awarded with a ‘Special Mention for Breakout Performance’ for her role in “Beauty Mark.”

In an interview with MUSE, Auden spoke about how much she prepared for the role, which truly showed in the film. There were many layers in Auden’s performance that perfectly balanced all the messages within the plot.  Even something as simple as her Southern Tennessee accent was well developed.

Another key element to Auden’s stand out acting was her ability of deception due to the powerful writing by director and writer Harris Doran. During her efforts to gather funds for a new home, it seems that her allegations of sexual abuse may be false.

‘Beauty Mark’ brought awareness and raised questions to a topic many people have a hard time discussing. Inspired by true events, the film handled sexual abuse in a way that will hopefully get audiences thinking about how poorly society treats victims. Angie went to multiple people throughout the film for help but every single one refused to acknowledge her pain.

Cinematically, the movie looked and felt very raw. What added to that effect was how the music was subtle. Not all of intense scenes had music playing in the background so it did not distract from the action therefore making “Beauty Mark” feel as close to genuine as possible. However, one of the most notable sound effects was the use of a train to add the intensity of an argument between Angie and her mother Ruth (Catherine Curtin).

Overall, it was an inspiring story that portrayed strength driven by the love of a mother for her child. It was an intense plot that will enthrall audiences until the credits roll.

‘Beauty Mark’ made its world premiere on Friday, June 16 at ArcLight Culver City theater for the LA Film Festival as an US Fiction entry.

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