La India Maria (1940-2015)

Mexico City- Sad news today, the Mexican actress and comedian, Maria Elena Velasco, best known as, “La India Maria” died today at the age of 74. The famed “! Ay Maria Que Punteria!” Actress portrayed the most common stereotypes of Mexican indigenous people and was said by various news outlets that she was battling stomach cancer for 12 years, although she kept a secret during the time it was diagnosed. She recently spent several weeks in the hospital recovering from a surgery done in February 12, 2015 according to El Universal. It is unsaid what caused her death, but it is assured her sudden leave affected many people including famous actors.

She was born on December 17, 1940 in Puebla, Mexico and according to IMDb her first film role was in “Ruletero a toda marcha” (1962) as a nurse. She began her role as “La India Maria” in 1972 for the TV series “Revista musical Nescafe” which skyrocketed and made her into what she is known today. According to AP the news was first out in Twitter by The Mexican film institute.

During the popular films people will always see her alongside her faithful, “Filemon” a donkey that never left her side (unless someone took him or ran away) also gained fame. Both of them would share the pain and struggle of traveling from their “pueblo” to “la ciudad” in films like “Okey, Mister Pancho” along with various other movies that made her known in Latino households. Her witty and clumsy personality was her most known characteristic, besides that, her famous colorful blouses, long skirts and two French braids made her an iconic star and made it a famous Halloween costume.

She is survived by her children Ivette, Goretti and Ivan. Hundreds of fans and celebrities have tweeted their shock and sadness about the star’s death. R.I.P Maria Elena Velasco “La India Maria” she will always be remembered through her talent and beautiful personality.


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