On Wednesday, Cuban actor William Levy took to his Instagram stories to show his 7.5 million followers the view of Colombia from his balcony.

Many were quick to point out that his arrival in the country signified that production on the remake of the 1994 telenovela “Cafe Con Aroma de Mujer,” set to premiere on the Spanish-language network Telemundo, is about to begin.

It’s a story about two individuals who have to overcome family resistance, past loves, and obstacles that come with social-class differences. Cuban actor William Levy plays Sebastian Vallejo, grandson of Octavio Vallejo, an influential businessman, and owner of “Hacienda Casablanca.” Joining Levy is international Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos, known for her leading roles in many Telemundo productions.

The actress known for always playing the protagonist role will be switching gears and taking on the part of Lucia Sandoval de Vallejo. A longtime friend to Sebastian and his family, whose own self-interest outweighs the need to be a good friend, talk about star-crossed lovers.

Most recently, the “El Final del Paraiso” actress underwent a significant appearance change. Saying goodbye to her dark-haired long-locks and sporting a shorter, lighter hair doo. With more than 16.5 million followers on Instagram, Villalobos posted a picture alongside the Cuban actor with the caption “Bienvenidos a Colombia Willy.”

Produced by RNC Colombia, the modern adaptation of one of the most successful telenovelas that became a global phenomenon, ‘Cafe Con Amor de Mujer,’ will air on Telemundo in 2021.

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Lidia Mosqueda

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