Laguna Pai to perform on March 19 at The Flamingo Cantina at SXSW

Compassion, perseverance, and love are a few things that shape Peruvian reggae band, Laguna Pai.

Coming from a country that’s rich in culture, rhythm, and reggae, the band embodies how great music and meaningful messages sound.

Laguna Pai started playing in 2008 in Lima, Peru and in 2010 the band released their first album “Kultura Babylon” – introducing a new style of reggae. Their first album made them and instant success. Later, the band released “Atento” and in 2015 they released their latest album “Resiliencia.”

Q: How does your style of reggae differ from the traditional music in Peru? 

Laguna Pai: Yes, our style of reggae is more up-tempo, and our lyrics are personalized we try to include everything we see and what is happening in our country. Our sound is unique; we don’t copy anyone’s style. 

Q: “Kultura Babylon” was your first album, what is the meaning behind the title? 

Laguna Pai: It is a criticism of things we could change in society.  Kultura meaning culture, and Babylon is something different. This title can mean anything to anyone in a different country; we are all going through the same thing. Instead of uniting we are separating and this title is fitting for this time. 

Q: “Resiliencia” was released in 2015 how do you feel about having this third album done?

Laguna Pai: We feel blessed, it makes us want to keep going and it is a great feeling knowing that people can connect with our songs. 

Q: Your Lyrics in the song “Libertad” relate to what a lot of immigrants are feeling living in the United States, what message do you have for them? And what do you think about Donald Trump?

Laguna Pai: Hold on to your Heritage and not to change only to please someone else. Always promote togetherness and don’t feel like you’re alone, Fight together. Donald Trump is causing chaos what he doesn’t realize is that immigrants formed this country.

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