Latino Media Vision Launched with its first film ‘Strike One’

Strike OneLos Angeles, CA – Latino Media Visions hosted the premiere screening of ‘Strike One’ starring Danny Trejo (Machete) and Johnny Ortiz (American Crime, McFarland, USA) which took place at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.  The event kicked off with a red carpet that included some of the stars from the film and latinos from within the media fields who supported Latino Media Visions.

Latino Media Visions is a non-profit organization that has multiple platforms to inform, educate, connect, and empower latinos in entertainment by providing them with tools and resources. This organization offers seminars for independent producers, showcases Latino content, and gives the community an opportunity to network. It also promotes and inspires Latinos to continue to grow as creators across media.

The film ‘Strike One’ was shot in Boyle Heights that predominately has Latino and was chosen because of the story it tells.  This film is a perfect example of what Latino Media Visions wants to focus on and how well it carries a message. ‘Strike One’ allows Latinos to speak up because they are a group of people who get ignored. When interviewing the characters in the film, they told their story and how they were able to relate to their character. It was an honor for them to attend the event and to be a part of something that encourages young latinos to strive for the goals that they want to achieve.

Latino Media Visions will expand its geographical reach as it continues to grow.

Interview with ‘Strike One’ Star Johnny Ortiz:

For additional interviews please visit the M.U.S.E. YouTube Channel here.

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