Legendary K-pop group, Super Junior, Get Serious…Seriously Silly At KCON NY 2018

Legendary K-pop group, Super Junior, is sitting high as they became the first K-Pop group to chart on Billboard Latin sales with their latest song “Lo Siento” with Leslie Grace. The group took time out of their busy schedule to hit up this year’s New York KCON. The group delighted their fans as they took to the outdoor KCON stage, prior to the evening’s big show, for a Q & A, in which they called one another out.

During the Q & A, the boys chatted about working with Leslie Grace. They called her, “incredible” and said she was “a good inspiration for us and if we have a chance we want to work with her again.” As for their latest album, the boys joked that Shindong fits the albums concept the most. They joked it was because of his “Latin sway.” He then abruptly stood up and took the opportunity to show off his moves.

But he wasn’t the only one the boys were having fun with. When asked who would most likely win an Oscar for acting, the members were quick to pick out Leeteuk. They cited his ability to lie and to do it so well. They joked, he always tells a lot of jokes and a couple of the things actually– most of [the things] he says are really good lies. They added if you’re a really good liar, than you’re a really good actor. They joked if “he continues his acting career, he could definitely win an Oscar.” They went as far as renaming him and calling him “Lie-teuk.”

As for who is most likely to write a best-selling novel, the boys joked it would have to be Yesung. They divulged that “he’s been reading Romeo and Juliet for the last 4 years.” He even joked,” Romeo and Juliet is my favorite book and movie,” before singing apart of a love song to the crowd.

But the real shocker came, when the boys answered, who is most likely to compete in the Olympics? The boys jumped at the chance to call out Shindong who was equally shocked and stunned by the groups answer, but wasted no time showing off his athleticism and flexibility. He jumped, flipped and then rolled around on the stage to show his versatility and why he should be bestowed with such an honor.

Super Junior certainly has a strong since of humor, but they also have a soft side. The group opened up about the secret to their success. Siwon cited the group’s fans saying, “our beautiful fans” are a big part of our success. He added other important keys to the group’s success is “stay humble, good communication with our fans and keep moving forward and onward.” He explained, that’s Super Junior’s motto: “no challenge, no change.” He added the group is always seeking new challenges.

Later that evening, Super Junior took to the stage at the Prudential Center to perform some of their greatest hits. They also shocked their fans with a wonderful surprise performance with Leslie Grace for “Lo Siento.”

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