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It is no question that some of the world’s biggest cultural movements and protests have been pushed by music. Whether it be Black Lives Matter protests, wage protests, or climate change protests, there are soundtracks to the movements.

Protests against sexual assault are no different. 

Whether it be Lady Gaga or Bikini Kill, there are artists that use their platforms to spread awareness.

Unfortunately, when survivors of sexual assault speak out they are often met with the fury that should be reserved for the assailant. 

This is what ENNY takes issue with in her latest single, “Keisha’s and Brenda’s”.

The English rapper is shown in the track’s video with duct tape over her mouth as a voice over explains the importance of teaching young girls about sexual assault. When the voice over ends, ENNY takes off the duct tape and marches down the street. A crowd soon forms behind her.

“Check on your brethren ‘cause he’s in the wrong”.

With one verse ENNY explains largely why rape culture is still promininet in a time of survivors speaking out against their abusers. 

Men stay quiet about the men they know are guilty.

ENNY also takes aim at women who shame survivors, who ask things like “What was she doing there?”, “Why did you follow them there?”, “Why did you say that?”. 

ENNY delivers her message without ever holding back. 

ENNY knows that she can’t hold back.

Hopefully, this is a preview of a career that is held up by that same backbone. 

Listen to ENNY here.