Listen Up: Indie’s not-so-new-kid Wunderhorse

Jacob Slater is in no way new to the entertainment industry. He was once the frontman of Dead Pretties, and will soon be portraying Sex Pistols drummer, Paul Cook, in a biopic series directed by Danny Boyle.

What is new for Slater is performing under his new solo name, Wunderhorse.

The debut single from Wunderhorse, “Teal”, is a grade-A example of a solid indie track.

With moody lyrics, gentle drums and sliding electric guitar to carry the song the whole way through, The music made by the artist proves to know the craft well.

“How could this happen man, I’m just a kid// I got something to live for// Something to give”

What is indie rock without some existential crises?

Based on the debut single, Wunderhorse doesn’t know either.

Listen to the music for yourself now clicking here.

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Adriana Lopez

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