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Leave it to a California girl to make a toxic relationship sound like fun. Remi Wolf has done exactly that with her latest track “Liquor Store”.

With production that is backyard barbeque friendly, the juxtaposition between the lyrics’ meaning and the song’s sound, “Liquor Store” perfectly captures the highs and lows of an awful, addictive relationship.

With a set that could have been designed by Lisa Frank herself, the “Liquor Store” video serves as another element to sideline listeners’ grasp of the subject matter.

But there’s no burying lyrics like “And now I’m waking up to a nightmare // ‘Cause you like getting in bed with the enemy”.

While Remi Wolf has been releasing music since 2019, she released her first album under a major label just last year.

And it seems that the sunny, angsty California girl will be releasing another album soon.

Listen to Remi Wolf here.