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Live: Apple Press Conference To Announce New iPad

Summary: Apple is set to announce the release of the latest version of their popular tablet, iPad.


Apple is set to release the latest version of their popular iPad in San Francisco’s  Yerba Buena Center. We are here live to give you up to the minute news.

We are about to start the presentation and Tim Cook is coming out. We are about to start.

Cook is talking about how Apple is leading the post PC revolution.

“In many ways the iPad is reinventing portable computing, and it’s outstripping the wildest of predictions,” Cook says.

76% of the company’s revenues was from post-PC devices. “This is incredible,” Cook said.

They are now showing the Grand Central store in New York City and now Cook is back talking about iOS.

62 million iOS used devices sold in last quarter.

Siri will be available in Japan and other countries next few week.

iOS 5.1 rolling out today!

Movies and TV shows will be now in 1080p in the Apple Store.

A new Apple TV is announced that supports 1080p. It looks like the same packaging.


iCloud is available in Apple TV and able to re-download purchases with a new interface available.

Interface is more like cover flow.

It recommends movies from what you have seen in the past.

Apple TV $99 and will be available next week.

Now to the iPad.

15.4 million sold in the 4th quarter for the iPad. Is being said by Cook.

Cook is giving some data about the the iPad and how it is loved by users.

Today they are announcing the new iPad Cook says.

It looks slimmer from what it looks like on screen and the new iPad has the retina display.

Apple’s Phil Schiller is up to talk about the new iPad. It has a Retina Display. “You are going to see sharper images.”

“Everyone has been wondering who is going to come out with a product that is better than the iPad 2? Stop wondering! We are”

The iPad has more pixels than a TV at home is being said about the display.

Talking about the horsepower under the hood of the new iPad to run the retina display with the A5x chip. The x is for Quad Core Graphics.

That is the first new feature they have said about the new iPad. New camera. 5-megapixel sensor, using some of the same tech that’s in the iPhone 4S camera. Schiller throws up a bunch of photos taken on it, and they look pretty good. Includes face detection too.

HD video recording in 1080p on iPad.

The 4th big feature is voice dictation.

5th feature is 4G LTE capable in the new iPad.

It is confirmed it will be in Verizon and AT&T in the US and the iPhone when it is released later this year will be a 4G LTE Phone.

Personal Hotspot is confirmed. “This new iPad has the most wireless bands of any device that has ever shipped,” Schiller says.

How’s the battery life? New iPad gets same 10-hour battery life as the old model, Schiller says. 9 hours of battery life when on 4G.

The size is 9.4mm and 1.4 pounds. The price of the new iPad starting at $499 for 16GB Wifi only. All the price levels are the same.

March 16 it will be available and pre-orders start today.

They are now showing some demos from developers.

The just showed an art drawing app that looks amazing on the retina display. Will be a great tool for the newly released photoshop and the other Adobe apps coming out soon.

Epic Games is showing a new infinity blade game and the graphics are just as good or maybe even better than the newly released PS Vita handheld.

Epic Games is saying that it has more memory and processing than an XBOX 360.

They are now discussing the new iWork. Garageband and iMovie are getting updates today.

It’s also got a new feature called Jam Session. Up to 4 iOS devices running Garageband can play together over bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

They are talking about the iMovie product.

Movie trailers added into iMovie. Works much the same way with a visual storyboard to tell you what clips you need to throw in. Schiller says the big deal is that you can now shoot 1080p video right on the device, then plug it into the app. We’re getting a demo of how these things look.

Now they are talking about the update for iPhoto for iPad.

Schiller says iPhoto lets you do more than the built-in editing tools. You get “Smart Browsing,” Multi-Touch editing, new effects and brushes. Can “beam” photos between iOS devices with a new feature called Photo Beaming. There’s also a new feature called Photo Journals that lets you share groups of photos with people.

iPhoto has a new interface and navigation.

Works to support up to 19 megapixels and use multi-photo comparisons.

A mew auto-enhance feature and a horizon fixing tool.

You can touch the photo to darken and lighten the photos.

The new iPhoto has brush tools now to work on the photo’s.

Journal feature photo scrapbook now available on this app. It sends your journal into iCloud and the app is $4.99 and out today.

A video is shown about the iPad and the new features. It is not being call the iPad or iPadHD just simply the third generation iPad.

The video is over and Schiller takes the stage again. The iPad 2 will still be sold and will drop in price by $100 at $399 for the 16GB.

Cook is now back on the stage and showing the new commercial.

Cook is wrapping up the press conference and it looks like we are done and ending with Cook saying there is a lot to look forward to in 2012. Thank you for following today’s live reporting from the Apple iPad announcement.


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