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Live Blog From The XBOX E3 Press Conference

We are reporting live for the E3 XBOX press conference from Downtown Los Angeles. We will be bringing you all the announcement that Microsoft has to offer. Hardware and Software so stay tuned.

9:32am – The conference with the announcement of the XBOX One S a slimmer version of the XBOX One with increased hardware specs.

9:35am – Gears of War 4 shown with new shareable gameplay between the XBOX One and Windows 10 PC’s called XBOX Play Anywhere. You buy the game once and can take it anywhere.

9:44am – Gears of War 4 is out on October 10, 2016

9:45am – Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive Killer Instinct character of General Raam added.

9:48am – Forza Horizon 3 is being shown. A new driving game that will utilize the XBOX One and Windows 10 game play and share. The game is based in Australia and adds the largest car roster and offers 4 player campaign co-op. It will be released September 27.


9:53am – Final Fantasy XV is up and they are showing the first demo on XBOX One. The trial of titan scene s being shown and showing of the battle system. The graphics and system for gameplay is very fluid and clean. The game will be released on September 30.

10:00am – Battlefield 1 is being show with images of the game and launches on October 21 and October 13 if your an EA Access or XBOX One Live Membership. No gameplay was shown.

10:04am – XBOX One background music issuing added to Live. Clubs is also coming to XBOX Live to create your own community. Now there is a search to find gamers to play against in addition Arena Tournament platform is coming to XBOX Live and signup for tournaments. EA will bring FIFA to the Arena in the upcoming years.

10:08am – Minecraft realms allows to play in additional people on all platforms for a very community aspect for the game. As well as the addition of Oculus to bring you into the world. It is available today and releasing texture pack as well.

10:16am – Limbo to be released on the Xbox Live store today and they are additional titles from independent creators.

10:19am – XBOX Game Preview of We Happy Few which is a very interest England based game.

10:26am – Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is a card game that will be coming to XBOX One.

10:28am – Bandai Namco are currently showing the brand new Tekken 7 which will be released in early 2017.

10:33am – Frank is back in a brand new Deadrising 4 this Holiday.

10:36am – Scale Bound Co-Op is being shown and will use the new XBOX Play Anywhere platform.

10:44am – Sea of Thieves from RARE is now up to the stage. Showing gameplay for the first time here at E3 and is a pirate based game with multi-player ability for the game.

10:49am – State Decay 2 preview shown along with Halo Wars 2 coming soon from 343 Industries on February 21, 2017. There is a week long beta available now through June 20 and we will show you gameplay when we get on the show floor tomorrow.

10:56am – A new console is announced and it is called Project Scorpio and releasing in Holiday of 2017. It is a brand new system that will feature 4K and a faster gaming engine. Thank you very much for following along.





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