Live Main Event: May Day Mayweather vs Guerrero

May Day Mayweather vs GuerreroLive round by round description of the May Day Mayweather vs Guerrero Bout from Las Vegas


We have the coverage of the May Day fight Floyd Mayweather versus Robert Guerrero at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The week of talk at the press conference and the weigh-in finally brings us to the point in which it counts, in the ring.

Entering the ring first is the challenger Robert Guerrero from Gilroy, CA. Now entering the ring with Little Wayne is Floyd Mayweather from Las Vegas, NV. Mayweather is making his first fight in the last year and after he served time for two months for a domestic incident with the mother of his children. During the announcement of the fighter Robert Guerrero was held back while Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Ruben Guerrero.

Round 1:

The bell rings and the fight begins. They both measure each other and try to find some good jabs. Mayweather is not moving much and Mayweather holds his hand as Guerrero hits him with the left. Mayweather has held Guerrero right hand three times so far. Guerrero reacts to everything with a punch. Guerrero counters and takes control of round one.

Round 2:

Guerrero throws the first punch in round 2. Guerrero throws a hard punch but hold him quickly after the punch. Mayweather starts working the jab. The crowd is reacting to the great display of boxing. Mayweather hold him again to try and change the pace. Guerrero is still controlling the pace of the fight.

Round 3:

The round begins as they measure each other. Mayweather continues to run almost as if he is holding back. He continues holding Guerrero right hand on the left hander. Guerrero lunges with the left hand but Mayweather counters. Mayweather is doing better in this round.

Round 4:

As the round begins they meet in the center of the ring. They both feel each other out as Mayweather pushes Guerrero in the face and they exchange punches. Mayweather continues to move and connects with the right hand. They both counter each others punches. Mayweather hand speed is helping him in this round.

Round 5:

The round begins and Guerrero tries to work the body but not doing what he needs to when he get Mayweather in the corner as Mayweather gets hold. Mayweather still moves away during the hard blows. Guerrero starts working the body as Mayweather starts leading with the right. Mayweather starts finding his comfort zone as the round ends.

Round 6: 

The round begins with both fighters trying to find their spot. Mayweather is sharp right now in the fight. The round is very close as they exchanges punches. Mayweather keeps getting that right hand in making the round go in his favor.

Round 7: 

We are at the half way point of the fight as they meet in the center of the ring. Guerrero goes to the body as he has him on the ropes as he holds his right arm. While at the corner and ropes Mayweather keeps grabbing his arm and locking his hand as he tries to get free. Guerrero keeps punching to break free. Mayweather still chooses to go for a right than the jab but Mayweather still control of the round.

Round 8:

They come out of the corner and Guerrero camp is feeling the fight slipping. One punch has been saving Mayweather. Guerrero starts to bleed as Maywether still continues to tag him with the right as he grabs his opponent. Mayweather gets him with a combo and a right as the fans start cheering. Mayweather currently leading the fight.

Round 9:

The round begins with Mayweather running around the ring again. When Guerrero keeps getting him in the corner Mayweather holds. Guerrero is still trying to get this close. Mayweather is defensive and a mini comeback from Guerrero forcing Mayweather to work.

Round 10:

As the round begins Guerrero get Mayweather in the corner with a few blocked. Mayweather continues to hold his right hand when trying to work out as the ref gives Guerrero a warning. Which is hard to give him a warning for that when Mayweather holds his right hand. We are now heading to the championship rounds.

Round 11:

Guerrero to win needs to come out punching hard in this round. The round begins as Floyd continues to move around. Guerrero still hunting Mayweather as he runs. Mayweather connects again as the crowd cheers. Guerrero looks like he is waiting and holding back a punch but Mayweather counters. You can tell Guerrero is frustrated and not countering Mayweather’s punch.

Round 12:

The final round begins as Mayweather runs around the ring as Guerrero chases. mayweather continues to hold. The crowd starts booing as Mayweather runs. Guerrero throws hard punches as he holds. Mayweather throws some punch combos. The fight ends as Mayweather looks to win the fight but we wait for the judges decision.

The decision from the judges is for Floyd Mayweather Jr. by unanimous decision.

Overall as we look at the total fight Mayweather once again runs around the ring and really does not box. Mayweather holds the right hand and holds the body when Guerrero tries to fight. The reason he has fight this long is because of the constant running. The power punches is what won the fight for him. Mayweather does not come into the fight to box to be exciting, he comes into a fight to make money. Robert Guerrero lost his opportunity it seemed as for the whole fight he was waiting for that one punch. Doing this throughout the fight showed the defeat.

Mayweather has already committed for a fight in September. When asked if Canelo Alvarez will be next Mayweather avoided to answer the question.

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