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Live: Microsoft Releases The Next Version Of XBOX


Microsoft shows the world the next generation of the XBOX console


Microsoft will release the first look of the next generation version of the popular XBOX Console at 10AM PT. In a press event in Richmond, WA all the rumors will be laid to rest.

The new console has been rumored to be a huge advance of the console from Microsoft becoming more than just a video game system but a home entertainment unit. We will bring you on the coverage live as information comes in. Just recently Sony released details of the new Playstation 4 what will set XBOX apart we will soon see.

10:01am: The conference begins with a video hyping the new system

10:03am: Don Mattack takes the stage

10:05am: He talking about an all-in-one system

10:06am: Introducing XBOX One and the console is nice

The new console is a complete redesign of what has been seen before but the controller keeps the same shape with a new version of Kinect. Unlike Sony they do have a product to show us.

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10:11am: All voice control that integrates Live TV and games by a simple command that moves smoothly as well as using hand motions to get to home screen and film for example.

10:13am: They introduce Snap Mode that allows you to surf the web, purchase tickets and more

10:14am: Skype in Snap mode allows you to do group calls via you XBOX ONE.

10:15am: ESPN will be integrated and the ability to watch the game and get alert to show fantasy tracker on the side. As well as league standings and highlights.

10:17am: XBOX One Guide is a TV Guide style viewer to get to the shows you would like to watch.

10:18am: XBOX Trending is a twitter type of system for XBOX Live.

10:19am: The XBOX One will not use a remote and integrates all your devices into one.

10:20am: XBOX One is 8GB RAM, Blu-Ray Drive is installed, Three operating systems in one.

10:22am: New Kinect sensor is redesign with 1080HD camera and is able to read 2GB a second of data.

10:23am: The new controller has been updated and are able to be customized but has a similar design of what XBOX fans have loved.  The also showed a new version of Smart Glass that integrates and will work seamlessly with no lag.

10:26am: The new XBOX Live will be expanded to 300,000 servers. That will include an in game DVR

10:28am: Andrew Wilson of Electronic Arts takes the stage to show the new gaming experiences.

FIFA, MADDEN, NBA LIVE and UFC will be released on XBOX One and the new game engine is being announced as EA Sports Ignite

10:30am: Phil Spencer of Microsoft Studios takes the stage. He says that they are bringing new exclusive content and making it more interactive than ever before. He is about to show the new version of Forza Motorsport 5 for XBOX One

10:41am: 15 new exclusives with brand new franchises for XBOX One

10:43am: Nancy Tellem takes the stage from Microsoft Entertainment TV will be immersive and personalized on XBOX One and be social. She is saying that XBOX will be the next water cooler. Bonnie Ross takes the stage to talk about the future of HALO

10:45am: HALO Live action Premium TV series with Steven Spielberg heading the development.

10:48am: The NFL in partnership with XBOX will be bringing exclusive content to XBOX One. Fantasy football and a better experience for fans.

The press conference ends and more details will be released at E3 in Los Angeles in a couple weeks. More games and features will be at the E3 Press Conference. Call of Duty: Ghosts closed the show with downloadable content first on XBOX only.

XBOX One will be launched later this year.

XBOX One Unveil Video:

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