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Following a list of powerful singles, including most recently performed ‘Taki Taki.’ Which had attendees at Coachella posting on social media, as they sang and danced along too, Cardi B, Ozuna and Selena Gomezs’ live performance.

DJ Snake, along with three-time Latin Grammy Award winner and Reggaeton ambassador, J Balvin and five-time-platinum Billboard Hot 100 top-ten artist, Tyga. Grace the tracks of the new summer anthem “Loco Contigo.” Its seductive rhythms, otherworldly beats, and undeniable melodies. Find DJ Snake and his collaborators redefining Latin music for today’s pop landscape.

With Balvins smooth vocals and magnetic presence that’s made him one of the world’s most-streamed artists and Tygas supreme flow, that landed “Taste” in the top 10 of Billboards ‘Hot 100.’ “Loco Contigo” directed by award winning filmmaker Collin Tilly. Shows the Balvin and Snake driving in a pink Cadillac through the desert, with special effects. For Tygas part, he appears to be waiting within a fortress, surrounded by big dancing special effect characters. The song, if not made clear by the name, is about a woman that the men cannot get out of their heads, for she is like a work of art.

Known for his explosive live set, DJ Snake is now gearing up to appear at many of the world’s biggest summer festivals.

Visit for more info on upcoming tour dates. More to be announced soon.

Lidia Mosqueda

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