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All cosplayers united for the weekend  for the Long Beach Comic Con 2015.  The two day event took place at the Long Beach Convention Center, had over 100 panels, 300 artist alley exhibitors and more than 475 exhibitors.  Some of the panels included comic and action savvy stars John Barrowman (Merlin from Arrow), Chloe Bennet (Skye on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Peter  Shinkoda and Tommy Walker (Daredevil), and Maitland Ward Baxter (Boy Meets Girl).

The main focus of the event was to bring everyone together to share their ideas, stories, and to also meet new people who shared the same passion as them.  Everyone was in character and that’s what made Comic Con fun and a great experience.  To see how much a person can relate to a certain character and how passionate they are about them is astonishing. Comic Con is an event that anyone can attend to enjoy the different panels, exhibitors, and cosplayers.  Everyone is taking pictures, enjoying themselves, and they are open to everything and everyone. The atmosphere is full of energy that makes everyone feel like they’re a part of their “world” whether someone is new to it or not.  The Long Beach Comic Expo will take place on February 20-21 of next year at the same place and with the same amount of fun.

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