Los Angeles-based film festival celebrating the Romantic Comedy ‘Rom Com’ genre to debut in June

Cult classic movie fans have always had spaces to share their love for America’s most treasured films whether it be through a convention or a theme park, at just a high price the option is always there. But now starting in mid-June, romantic comedy lovers can now share their admiration for these laughter filled and at times, tear-jerking motion pictures at the first ever Rom Com Fest which takes place in Downtown Los Angeles. The “Los Angeles-based film festival will shine spotlight on the genre as well as those re-thinking the form and embracing it on new media platforms.”

Founder of Rom Com Fest, Miraya Berke, is striving to provide a celebratory getaway weekend for this community of hopeless romantics. She wants to not only uplift this niche genre of filmmaking through “panels” and “parties” but also create a space for the birth of potential love between festival-goers. The Executive Director is hosting events which include “speed dating, craft night” and even a “pajama party” in hopes of promoting an ambiance of love and romance amongst the attendees.

The success of this festival is to be determined, but in the hands of “female entrepreneur” Miraya Berke; it seems the as if the festival will be wildly popular as the founder has years of event production experience. The also romantic-comedy super fan “is passionate about the romantic comedy genre and its legitimization in the eyes of film fans, filmmakers, and critics, in addition to the pure enjoyment of the films themselves.” This is very apparent in her establishment of a festival dedicated to spreading love and awareness for the longevity of the romantic-comedy genre as a whole.

Miraya Berke is opening up festival submissions for all sorts of mediums that display romance in any type of way as she believes members of society “need(s) something uplifting to escape to.” This selfless and very generous gesture of creating an entire space for people to connect romantically is admirable to say the least and she is focusing her space on womanhood and feminism. Berke emphasizes her devotion to love through an event that is intended to bring people together and just like that, Rom Com Fest is born.

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Malik Peay

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