Lucky Jukebox Brigade Premieres Video for Little Fangs

Many music videos use different actors and characters to tell the story of the song, but Lucky Jukebox Brigade takes another approach.

The band released their first EP, Savage Fantastic, on February 26th, which includes five songs. This past week, they premiered the music video for the song “Little Fangs”.

The music video has a homemade feel to it, which creates a sense of authenticity for the band. It’s simple, but it gets the message across.

In an interview with Huffington Post, lead singer Deanna DeLuke explained what the video is all about:

“It’s based on the idea that when you really want something, you end up living in parallel universes. You see the way things are, and you see the way you want things to be, and you exist somewhere in between. We’re trying to say that you can shape your reality.”

The whole music video takes place in a living room area and features the entire band. The drab colors of each band members’ outfit and the dull tone in the first few scenes seem to be expressing the way things are. When it switches to the band jamming out and wearing bright colors, it’s portraying how they want things to be.  The music video flips back and forth between both kinds of scenes, which symbolize what DeLuke was talking about when she says we exist somewhere in between. The bright lights and exciting vibe at the end of the video express the vibrant reality the band has chosen to live in.

The best thing about Lucky Jukebox Brigade is that they’re different. They don’t glamorize the music video; it’s sweet and simple with a hint of subliminal messages. All of the props in the video came from the trunks of their cars.

Savage Fantastic is available for “pay what you want” purchase through Bandcamp and can also be found on iTunes and Spotify.

The album has a unique, Indie-pop, feel good vibe to it and it definitely has us excited for whatever comes next from Lucky Jukebox Brigade.

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