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“Modo Avion,” which translates to cruise control, is LULÚ’s second single. The R&B beat and pop vocals tell the story of accepting love and the feeling that comes with falling in love. “Modo Avión tells you to stop listening to the white noise and the intruders that don’t really know the history of your life. Let go, flow, feel,” LULÚ said.

The music video portrays a euphoric-like world featuring LULÚ dressed in beautiful white and black gowns alongside dancers. The video is on the simpler side, mainly focused on LULÚ and her experience of letting love take over.

LULÚ started her career at 19, studying operatic styles. She released her first solo single “Talk To Me” in 2018. The composer and vocalist has performed in music festivals like EDC Mexico, Pal Norte and Beyond Wonderland

Currently, the pop star is signed to the independent lable SLOWLY, based in Monterrey, MX. Here she has released singles like “Mente en Blanco.”