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M.U.S.E. Exclusive: Interview with It’s Casual Eddie Solis

It's Casual Eddie SolisM.U.S.E. had the great opportunity to sit down with It’s Casual and Los Angeles Nista radio show host Eddie Solis about his upcoming It’s Casual performance at Fenix 5-4 in Whittier, CA on May 31.

Mike Sandoval also talked with Eddie about his photography show that will be held the same day at 6740 Bar up the street from where he will be performing. The photography that will be displayed are experiences of his life using public transit. Solis uses public transit in order to cut down his carbon footprint in this world.

It’s Casual is a two piece Los Angeles-area punk rock duo blasts through riff-heavy tunes somewhere between Rollins-era Black Flag and Slayer. It’s a brutal, straightforward approach that has redefined skate rock and proven the old adage that less is more.

Los Angeles Nista is a show hosted and created by Eddie Solis and co-hosted and produced by Efrem Schulz. The show will include features on history, culture, music, art, and the importance of public transportation within the large city of Los Angeles. Guest will include public figures, local business owners, and artists. You can hear Los Angeles Nista at, through the Skidrow Studios app from the iTunes Store or on Stitcher for Android devices. Monday nights from 9pm-10pm.

The band will also be playing at Slidebar Rock-n-Roll Kitchen in Fullerton, CA on May 28 with His Eyes Have Fangs and Punk Rock Vatos.

M.U.S.E. Exclusive: Interview with It’s Casual Eddie Solis:

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Michael Sandoval

Michael created MUSE/MUSE TV after a career in professional sports and journalism. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He attended Don Bosco Technical Institute in which he studied Electronics and Computer Science and California State University, Fullerton in which he graduated with a degree from the College of Communication in Journalism. He is a big Foo Fighters fan, loves Star Wars and loves photography.

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