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M.U.S.E. Local Artist Solar Sons: completely suited 70’s era band living in the 21st century

Solar SonsOut in Hollywood and inside a small refrigerator entrance lives a 70’s era inspired bar and lounge called Good Times at Davey Wayne’s. Upon walking in, you are immediately transported to the groovy decade- complete with a trailer-like atmosphere and a palette of warm colors. To top it off, the genre-inspired trio Solar Sons were at the bar ready to be interviewed, all dressed in vintage clothing. Beards included.

The new Los Angeles based project describes themselves as a “jazz-adelic space blues” and go by the name of Solar Sons. The three-piece band consists of bassist Chris, drummer Ned Casual, and vocalist and guitarist Troy V. The boys were the center of attention at the bar, being greeted through out in-person interview and getting in-house beers. How’d they come to be? Well, here’s their story.

Q: How was the performance last night? Just Ned and Chris?

Solar Sons: Yes, it’s the two of us every Monday.

Q: How do you guys prepare for both?

Solar Sons: It’s all one and the same. We do it most often in the same night, it’s all part of the same process, which goes deeper as curating the whole show like booking other bands and booking our band, DJing and providing our sound – all of that and advertising. It’s something that we all do together so a lot of the time the preparation is the same thing.

Q: You guys mentioned before that sometimes you have your friends open your set?

Solar Sons: Yes, usually we book an opening band and we like our friend to play and involve them.

Q: Tell us about your musical influences.

Solar Sons: The music that touches our souls is the music that has influenced us the most, and happens that a lot of that music was made in the 1950’s- a lot of jazz, and blues. Funky stuff, that gets people up and dancing like Mo-Town, anything from 60’s and 70’s- soul and deep groove has a huge influence on our style. Just the soul that’s in that music is something that we appreciate and really inspires us. Anything that has a good groove; we like to make smooth music that people can dance to.

Q: What’d you guys grow up listening to?

Solar Sons: The Beatles, Mo-Town, Frank Sinatra, Green Day, Jimmy Reed, and classical music. We also grew up with classic rock radio and anything in skateboard videos. Generally we’ve appreciated all music, no matter how it sounds.

Q: Where do you guys shop?

Solar Sons: Thrift stores. Everything you see was mostly bought at a thrift store in Florida. It was like a Good Will – like a bin. It’s just a matter of when you go to the thrift store having an idea of what you’re after. Using the power of attraction too, people buy us clothes.

Q: How did you guys get affiliated with this bar?

Solar Sons: We did this event for three years and that’s how we started our band. We started inviting friends over to play music shows every Monday night, we did that without us playing music, just our friends for like two years. Bunch of our friends that are successful with their music and influential had their first show in L.A. right here on this stage. We were just booking bands as we met and after being inspired we played our own music. We started the band here and we created a vibe with the layout of this place being similar too. It was kind of like creating the same vibe that we have here- old-school rock n roll. Our style, the way we look, and the kind of music we play – both playing records and our band live, and the bands that we book all ties into the theme.

Feel their 70’s vibe every Monday at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s!

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