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Mexican actress, Maite Perroni, is furthering her career by signing a multi-year deal with Pantaya, a first for the Spanish streaming platform since its launch in 2017

Maite Perroni shared to her Instagram on Nov. 23 the news that she has signed an exclusive multi-year contract with Pantaya. The Mexican actress, who has starred in various shows for the platform: El Juego de las Llaves and Herederos por Accidente; and the films Un Rescate de Huevitos and Doblemente Embarazada, will have the option to co-produce and also star in various upcoming projects.

“It’s such an honor to formalize this partnership with Pantaya and Pantelion Films,” Perroni wrote in Spanish on her post. “After collaborating for so many years on great projects, including the opportunity to be the Pantaya spokesperson at the beginning of their launch four years ago. I am excited and grateful to get to work with great minds to create powerful and entertaining premium quality content for the Hispanic audience in the U.S. and around the world.”

Since the early 2000s,’ Perroni has been a household name thanks partly to her breakout role in the popular telenovela, Rebelde. Since then, she has been a leading lady in many Univision productions and has even had a successful music career. 

“Maite is an extraordinary talent, and we are delighted to continue our successful relationship with her,” says the CEO of Pantaya and Pantelion, Paul Presburger. “This new partnership highlights the immense growth we’ve had at Pantaya as we expand our slate of content in tandem with leading talent and producers. We can’t wait to collaborate with Maite and share our new programming with our subscribers.”

Recently, Muse TV sat down with Perroni to discuss her new film, Un Rescate de Huevitos, where the Latin superstar revealed that working on animated films is something she would like to continue pursuing. 

“I liked it a lot,” shared Perroni. “In this case, it’s my third film in this franchise, and we have history and years, almost nine years, working on this character since we did the first film. And well, we have been working together a lot, and yes, I definitely liked giving a voice to animation characters. I liked it. I liked it a lot, and I would be happy to continue doing it.”

Recently, the starlet and her boyfriend, Andres Tovar, graced the cover of Caras Magazine, where they talked about their relationship and addressed the rumors that have been surrounding them.

“Our story was poorly told and was left exposed in a disrespectful and unfair way,” the couple told the magazine for their December issue. 

Rumors surrounding the couple’s relationship began long before either one had even confirmed any sort of relationship to start with. But, from rumors of infidelity to a secret affair between costars and now a pregnancy, the couple felt it was time to set the record straight.

“This is again a consequence of irresponsible information shared by the media from a person saying that they have the truth of things when they do not even know who you are, what you do, or what you are living,” said Perroni in an interview with Quien Magazine.

While addressing the recent pregnancy rumor – among other rumors – the actress admitted that this type of intrusive “journalism” is a part of stardom. “Over the years one begins to understand how this medium works, but unfortunately the irresponsibility that exists when replicating notes without foundation, without truth, and without knowledge continues to amaze me,” she shared.p

Perroni made her relationship with Tovar, whom she has been friends with for many years, public on Instagram on Oct. 20 in an effort to take back the narrative on her personal life. Stating: 

“A few months ago a magazine published a series of lies about us, defamed and caricatured us. We didn’t talk about it before because we found ourselves acting legally, but today our attorneys allowed us to do so. We have experienced harassment, blackmail, manipulation and even our safety and that of our families have been put at risk.” 

She continues, “Things were not as they were told and we do not want to be part of this media circus (which seems to have to endure those of us who dedicate ourselves to the medium of the show, since under the pretext of “freedom of expression” limits are broken in which is violent and destroys people’s lives). Therefore, it’s very important for us to clarify this situation.”

Stream Un Rescate de Huevitos on Pantaya today!