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The Canadian R&B dynamic duo of Majid Jordan dropped their sophomore studio album The Space Between last week with OVO Sound and Warner Brothers Records. Fans have been waiting for the pair’s comeback from their 20-month hiatus after releasing their initial self-titled album in February 2016.

The Space Between comes loaded with 13 tracks with Jordan Ullman’s hard beats paired with Majid Al Maskati’s atmospheric yet intimate vocals. The 50-minute record features vocals from fellow Canadian and OVO artists PartyNextDoor in the track “One I Want” and dvsn in “My Imagination.”

The first single off the album, “Phases,” was released on April 28, 2017. The lyrics seem to have a clear autobiographical relation to Al Maskati moving from the small island of Bahrain to the bustling city of Toronto. “I came to this country, didn’t know a damn thing/ 18 years old and in need of planning/ Thought I was ready, I wasn’t ready/ Guess it’s me and myself again//Time to go make some friends/ Find me somebody to keep me safe,” he sings before the hard drums drop the beat. Their first single was followed by their second single, “One I Want” featuring PartyNextDoor, on June 15, 2017 and their final single “My Imagination” featuring dvsn dropped on September 28, 2017.

For the first time, the duo included an “Intro” and “Outro,” in the beginning and ending of the album where listeners hear Ullman’s self-produced solo tracks. The beats on both tracks are slow as it eases listeners subtly into the beginning and end of the album. To fully appreciate and absorb Ullman’s work, headphones or a good stereo system is a must! The producer’s unique sound mixing style is what makes this pair so memorable. The mixing and matching between the 80s synth-pop and the dreamy contemporary melodies remain consistent throughout all the songs this duo has ever done.

When nearing the end of the “Intro” track, the drum pattern weaves and transitions into the second track “Gave Your Love Away, ” effortlessly. This is where we first hear Al Maskati’s voice on the album. The song then transitions seamlessly into the third track, “OG Heartthrob.” This song has the typical romantic R&B lyrics along with a groovy chorus.

Fourth on the tracklist, “Body Talk,” was the song that stuck out to me the most. I was surprised this wasn’t the first single released from the album as it embodies a vibrant beat, promiscuous lyrics, and an dance club type music video. See for yourself below.

Further down the tracklist “What You Do to Me,” has emotional lyrics about one being lovesick. The vulnerability can be heard with the ambient sounds when Al Maskati’s sings, “And I will love you, I will keep you safe in my arms/ And if you love, you will keep a space in your heart for me.”

Overall, The Space Between did not disappoint waiting fans. The consistency remains intact for this music duo as they continue to grow off each other’s chemistry and aesthetic in the studio. In an interview with Billboard, when it came to the creative process of the album Al Maskati explained the success in reaching out musically to wider audiences. “All the bodies of work that we released thus far have been non-explicit albums. I think that it’s really important to just reach as many people as possible. We just gotta keep it open to older people and younger people. We just want to reach a greater number of people… I think it’s really important. I’m really proud that we’ve been able to do that and that’s what I learned about Jordan too, it’s that he really wanted to stick with that as well.”

Tour dates for Majid Jordan’s The Space Between World Tour have been announced. For show dates visit their website.