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Psych-rockers Making Movies released an EP called Tired of Giving In on all platforms today, along with a music video for the title track. The EP includes two versions of the song: a full band version featuring Flor De Toloache and a live-in-studio acoustic version featuring The Sensational Barnes Brothers. 

The music video sees the Making Movies in an Ed Sullivan-esque setting flipped into a nightmare: the band is chained to their instruments, blinking SOS for help, forced to fit into the image of what’s expected from a rock ’n’ roll band. 

“You see the band kind of freak out when Enrique can’t contain himself anymore,” says director William J Stribling, “as if that’s not how they rehearsed it, or they were asked to tone that part down.”

“It’s a statement to the ‘othering’ of communities of color, sometimes even by good intentioned people,” adds Enrique Chi, singer and guitarist in Making Movies. “You have radio station programmers who say, we love your band, let’s put that on the Latino show at 4 a.m. or ask you to play the ‘diversity’ tent at the ‘inclusive’ festival.” The music video premieres before the final night of AMERI’KANA: a four night virtual event that is an ongoing exploration into American music, past and present. On October 24th, a 90-minute live streamed event blends music and live performances, conversation, and education to show the rich DNA that makes up the American music story with the voices of Los Lobos, Terrance Simien, Flor de Toloache, Cedric Burnside, The Sensational Barnes Brothers, Rev. Charles Hodges, Boo Mitchell, and more, hosted by Making Movies. Tired of Giving In will be streamed on the AMERI’KANA website October 23rd.