The Rockstar Show by Nicky Jam, is the Reggaeton singer new passion project. Premiering over the weekend on his YouTube channel, he wasted no time bringing in the big guns and getting to the point-blank questions with Maluma.

Jam invited fellow Reggaeton superstar and heartthrob Maluma to kick of the first episode. For someone who has never had a talk show, Jam seems like quite the natural host. Made his guest feel at home, provided moments of laughter and kept the conversation going in a way that both amused and kept viewers engaged.

The two discussed a range of topics, from Maluma’s beginnings in the music industry, the rumors that surrounded his family, his soccer skills, Calvin Klein campaign, meeting Madonna and even the pros and cons of owning a private plane.

Most recently, Maluma made history by gracing the cover of ELLE Magazine – the first man to do so solo! He, much like when talking to Nicky Jam, was very candid and open when it came to answering questions. Admitting that despite being a world famous musician, it is very hard for him to make friends.

“I don’t really like having new friends,” Maluma says. “I try to make friends in the industry, but it is very hard. Sometimes I feel like they want to be my friends, but once I show them my back, they stab me. I prefer staying safe with my friends, where I always feel comfortable. When I didn’t have any money, they were there for me, inviting me to their house for lunch. They’re the ones who were laughing at me, and now they are enjoying my success. That’s life — just being grateful for everything that has happened.”

For his next project Maluma finds himself working alongside one of his idols, Jennifer Lopez, in the new film Marry Me, coming out later this year.

“Jennifer, she’s not only a work partner — I would say she is my friend. She is someone I admire, and she is someone I’ve followed since I was a little kid,” he expresses. “So for me, being part of this movie was almost surreal. It was a big surprise when they called me, but I was ready for it.”

Nicky Jam on the other hand has Premios Lo Nuestros occupying his mind. The global megastar has earned four nominations; adding to his already impressive list of nominations from almost every year.

“It always feels like the first time,” says Jam, whom despite his many achievements still remains as humble as when he first began his career.

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