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The song’s release also came with the official music video, which shows Manuel Turizo and Nio Garcia waking next to beautiful women and recollection of the previous night

Reggaeton duo Manuel Turizo and Nio Garcia reunite for the Spanish track “Resaca,” produced by Xound and Goldi. The song portrays the aftermath of a good night with friends and then waking up in the morning with a bad hangover and no memory of the night before.

(Translation): “Hangover get out of my head for fault of the beer // I don’t remember anything // hangover get out of my head // last night I kissed and kissed // she appeared in my bed, and I don’t remember.”

In addition to the new song, GLAD Empire, the label behind the new song, also released the music video, which was filmed in Miami by Gus Films. In the video, Garcia and Turizo are seen enjoying themselves dancing and surrounded by girls and then waking up next to a girl with no recollection of the night.

This single follows Garcia’s latest collaboration with Don Omar for “Se Menea” and Turizo’s track “Baila Kumi” with Irsais.

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