Marvel Mightys Coming To VeVe Featuring Captain America Characters

Marvel Entertainment’s first digital collectible was only the beginning in celebration of Marvel Month. VeVe announced the next set of collectibles Marvel Mightys, a new line of Super-D figures which will be available to purchase on Aug. 14.

Marvel Mightys is a new set of NFT which features Captain America characters such as Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, John F. Walker, and the Red Skull. The digital figures will be sold in a blind box format, meaning fans will not be know which character they will obtain while there are five to collect. As for the price, the blind box is retailing for $13. VeVe also revealed the rarity for each character whether the figures are rare, common, or uncommon.

Each of the figures shows four hero’s and on villain. Surprisingly, John F. Walker aka U.S. Agent was included to the series since he was seen in Disney+ hit show, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. In addition Sam Wilson can be seen in his new Captain America uniform.

Steve Rogers

John F. Walker – U.S. Agent

Sam Wilson

Bucky Barnes

Red Skull

With the previous NFT by Marvel, based on the web-swinging hero Spider-Man, VeVe has revealed that within 24 hours all 60,500 digital statues have sold out. Since Spider-Man is one of the fans most top favorites superheroes, it shows the strong interest and desire for these digital collectibles on VeVe’s platform.

The release of these two Marvel NFT digital collectibles series is part of a larger initiative to celebrate ‘Marvel Month’ on the VeVe App. Collectors can look forward to the release of other Marvel digital products including Marvel Comics #1, the first Marvel comic book released in 1939. Also, in a blind box format fans will have the opportunity to collect five different variant versions of the highly sought-after issue. Marvel Mighty’s will make their exclusive debut beginning Aug. 14.

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