Marvel’s Doctor Strange Preview Leaves Audience Marveling

On Monday October 10th 2016, fans all over Southern California swarmed to their nearby movie theatre and were able to watch a sneak peek 3D trailer of Marvel’s new film Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Benedict Wong. Each movie goer received a cool Dr. Strange poster and 3D glasses upon entering the theatre. With a packed house, the tension and suspense filled the room as fans were eager to see what would be in store for this thrilling film.

After the lights dimmed, Benedict Cumberbatch briefly graced the screen to introduce the film and incorporated some slick physical hand gestures referencing Doctor Strange that surely hyped up the audience for the preview.

The glimpse into this new franchise included a well-rounded amount of story, action, spectacle, and wonderment packed into 15 minutes. The preview opened with a suave, egotistical Doctor Strange and his caring nurse assistant chatting together at a hospital. Doctor Strange is at the end of his shift and leaves the hospital. As he drives out of New York City through a mountainous road, he gets distracted by a text and crashes into the mountain. This terrible accident leaves him in a devastated physical state and cannot operate as a surgeon any longer. At a loss for hope, he searches for meaning and finds himself seeking advice from a spiritual being named Ancient One. She helps him discover that there is much more in the world than he could possibly ever imagine. She takes him through a visually stunning journey through the universe, in which the audience experiences with Doctor Strange. He flies through layers of black holes, reversed galaxies, and flamboyant chaotic swirls sweep over the screen. This voyage through time and space urges him to continue on this spiritual adventure in order to protect the planet from evil.

Learn what is in store and take this adventure with Doctor Strange in theatres November 4th!

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