Marvel’s Doctor Strange is in theaters November 4, 2016

Los Angeles — On Tuesday April 12th, Disney and Marvel announced their first teaser trailer for the coming film, Dr. Strange on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The teaser trailer opens and features Benedict Cumberbatch who portrays the infamous surgeon, Dr. Stephen Strange. We see Strange experience an “out of this body” journey, followed by a visually stunning exploration of the realms of reality that he then pursues. We all want to know, Who is Dr. Strange? Dr. Strange doesn’t even know who he is, as he looks at his reflection through a window. The teaser leaves us hanging in the most appropriate way possible, with intrigue and mystery.

Thank goodness Marvel is finally giving us a peek into this dynamic world, because it is so intricate, we cannot wait! Do not miss this beautiful endeavor, Dr. Strange in theatres on November 4, 1016!


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