Matt Weiss Releases Drum Recording Course Through ProMix Academy

“What makes a great drum recording?” is often the question. Is it the microphones or the room? The sound of the drums or the engineer programming the sound? All of these questions are answered in the newest course on Pro Mix Academy. Founder of Pro Mix Academy, Warren Huart (producer/engineer) has collaborated with Grammy nominated engineer Matthew Weiss who have worked with the likes of Ronnie Spector, Uri Caine, and Dizzee Rascal to release a drum recording course through Pro Mix Academy. In the music industry, laying down a good drum track is considered to be absolutely essential to a great song.

The course was recorded at Matt Weiss’s personal Studio with Matt Starr (Ace Frehley/ Mr. Big) where he demonstrates the basics. He goes over drum tuning, choosing the best microphones and showing a wide variety of miking techniques and placements to achieve a full, punchy and well-defined sound that fits the viewer’s song. The course is like a step by step guide, so that even the most novice will have the necessary tools and will be able to apply what is taught here.

There is more in store for the viewer than just Matt Starr and Matthew Weiss discussing recording drums, Huart actually interviews both Starr and Weiss. What makes a great drum sound and how to go about it is the main point of topic in the discussion. The interview also covers information like drums in a small room, making the drums sit well with a dense mix vs. an open arrangement, dampening, the recording signal chain, gain staging, preamps, compression, great budget microphones and a lot more.

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