Santa Barbara native Kilian Garland is set to compete this Labor Day weekend in the Men’s Qualifying Series of the World Surf League, at Jeannette’s Pier in Nags Head North Carolina.

Formerly known as the Association of Surfing Professionals. The World Surf League has been celebrating the best in surfing and running global events such as; The Samsung Galaxy Men and Women’s championship Tours, the Big Wave Tour and Qualifying Series since 1976. They not only have a deep appreciation for the sport. But they also support progression, innovation and high level performances. Their passionate global fan base has many tuning into their website Where they showcase world-class athletes like Mick Fanning, John Florence, Stephanie Gilmore, and Carissa Moore to name a few.

Kilian Garland who is coming in as the No. 1 seeded surfer at this event. Is not only looking forward to what will be a great competition. But also aims for a big result that will earn him a spot in next year’s main events; a big result would boost his North America Qualifying Series (QS) points in the region. “It’s really important being in the North American region and not having too many big events that its crucial to do well in the QS3,000s and these QS1,000s.” said Garland.

Surfer Matt Passaquindici, whose wildcard performance got Bino Lopes, a No. 6 ranked surfer eliminated at last week’s Vans Pro competition. Is looking to make a run as a top seed surfer amongst the lineup this year. “I was really disappointed in my performance at Virginia Beach,” said Passaquindici, “I love competing over here on the East Coast so I’ll really be looking to get a great result.”

Passaquindici, believes that the bigger waves will equal better results for him verses when he rides smaller waves. “The break at Jeannette’ suits my surfing,” Passaquindici says “Looking forward to it.” Kilian Garland shares a mutual admiration for Jeannette’s Pier. Saying that it’s great to be able to compete anywhere in America and that the tranquility of Jeannette’s Pier is great, “it’s super mellow and really beautiful here.”

Event Director LG Shaw and his team have been working relentlessly along WRV Operations Manage to bring this competition back to life. For all those who love one of the world’s most unpredictable and dynamic sports. “We know the surfers always enjoy the atmosphere and wave the Outer Bans presents to them and that what all this is for,” says Shaw. “We Want to provide surfers a chance to keep competing.”  The competition is set to start on August 31 and last until September 4th. For more information, please visit

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