Great news to all Mercies fans, the indie rock/ forest pop trio partnered with to release their third single “Every Echo” today! You can listen to it at The band also appears on All Things Go where they recently released their track “Deep Sleeper” and on Baeble Music where they premiered their first-single “Zalea”. All of these tracks will be on their new album Blue Against Green which will be released on March 31, 2015 via Randm Records.

The Mercies are known for their smooth and eclectic instrumental sounds which is why they refer to themselves as a forest pop trio. In this new album, the New England group will have 11-tracks and if you like artists like Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver and Grizzly Bear then this group will not disappoint you. Their lyrics are also recognized by their fans because the now Los Angeles based band makes you reflect on life.

Mercies are also featured on Paste Magazine as “Bands You Should Listen To Now”, all this recognition from the music world has the unique northern Connecticut band on their feet because all their hard work has been paying off. The band first started in 2009 with Josh Rheault and Sammy Dent where they worked from an old Tobacco barn in rural northern Connecticut. While they continuously spent time writing together in the barn Rheault and his family decided to transform the barn into a recording and rehearsal space. Due to the cold winters in New England the two-men had to make a strategic plan of how they would set up the drums and amps on the dirt floors while still being warm. They then decided to run extension cords to the nearest house for power, which then they realized they would have to wait last minute to unplug the heaters to still have some heat while they play due to the lacking amount of outlets.

With all the sacrifices and obstacles that came across them they finally came out with their debut LP Three Thousand Days, there their third-member Jordan Flower officially joined the indie group. This band has all the right qualities to succeed in the music industry, to learn more about them visit their website to find out other interesting facts about them or to preview their other songs.

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