MEXICO Champion of CONCACAF Cup 2015

Pasadena, CA–Mexico proved to over 90,000 spectators why they deserved to win the cup as they took USA 3-2

The most awaited duel of 2015 has arrived, the eternal rivals, Mexico and USA, are taking the field at the Rosebowl in Pasadena in an incredible yet immensely intense match, today.

The Rosebowl is filled with thousands of fans as they roar when their perspective national flags come out to the field.

At 6:38 p.m. the ball starts rolling and both Mexico and USA fans, make the Rosebowl shiver as they encourage their teams to do their best.

The first possible score was made but missed by Mexican player number 19, Oribe Peralta, when he shot the ball too high- something that could have put Mexico in the lead.

But, Mexican fans did not wait much when at minute 10 the first goal of the game was made by number 14, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. The crowd goes wild, while USA goalie, Brad Guzan, just watches the ball go in with frustration.

The lead didn’t last too long for Mexico, as Geoff Cameron shoots one in at minute 15 tying Mexico  1-1.

Two goals within minutes of the game starting and both crowds are screaming their lungs out, cheering on their teams.

With the game predominately being in control in favor of Mexico, USA “wakes up” when Peralta and Guzan have an intense encounter after Peralta kept kicking the ball when it was already in Guzans’ hands.

The first half ends with a tie.

Second half starts, and this time USA starts off stronger than the first half, shooting more goals towards Mexico’s net, but “El Tri” quickly has more possession of the ball.

The first corner kick of the game came in favor for Mexico, after Jozy Altidore 17, deflected the shot.

Mexico missed a perfect opportunity to score at minute 58, when Jimenez passes the ball to “Chicharito” but fails to put it in the goal- an unfortunate miss that could have put Mexico in the lead.

Two replacements were made during the second half for the Mexican team: Rafael Marquez, the captain, for Arturo Rivas and Andres Guardado for Javier Guemez, 17. USA puts in DeAndre Yedlin, 2 and Bobby Wood, 11.

The game ends and it is till 1-1.

First half of overtime, at minute 96 Mexico takes the lead when Oribe Peralta receives the ball from Paul Aguilar, 22 and unties the score 2-1.

Just when Mexico was savoring victory in the second half of overtime, at minute 107 Bobby Woods scores, not giving Moisés Muñoz , time to react. Tying the game once again 2-2.

Minute 117 could not come any faster, thanks to a foul made by USA, Mexico’s number 22, Paul Aguilar scored the winning goal making Mexico winners of the CONCACAF Cup in USA soil and automatically getting a golden ticket to Russia 2017.

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