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Mexico Demolishes Costa Rica 4-0 in Carson, CA

Carson, CA—Mexico and Costa Rica take the field for the second match at Stub Hub Center in Carson, California. Chills run through the few fans that attended Friday night’s game when both national anthems were heard. The referee whistles to signify the start of the game and both teams anxiously await the time they get to touch the ball. Mexico quickly gains control of the ball shoots it, but is far off the goal. Costa Rica won’t be left behind as they get the ball, rolling it to shoot it, but does not end inside the net. The game starts off with lots of energy and eagerness to be named the winner of today’s match. Both teams attack each other’s goalies, but have no luck in making a goal for their team.

The Mexican team initiated minute 13 with a great attempt to make a goal, but the Costa Rican goal-keeper, Carlos Martinez was there to stop the ball from going inside the net. The benches that were filled with fans rooted Mexico to push forward and make a goal. At minute 18 Mexican player number 11, Marco Bueno took the ball and shot towards Costa Rican goalie to finally make a goal, making it 1-0 Mexico. As soon as Bueno makes the goal, the stadium explodes with claps and cheers, while Costa Rican fans proudly wave their flag with optimism.

At minute 29 a bad mistake from Mexico led Costa Rica to gain the ball and made it all the way to Mexico’s goalie, Gibran Lajud, he quickly noticed it, followed the ball, but the Costa Rican player shot the ball too high. With the same great intensity that the game started, it ended the same, with a few shots being thrown at both goal-keepers, but at extra time Mexican player Erick “El Cubo” Torres scored and at the end of the first-half Mexico leads 2-0.

As the second-half begins Costa Rica pressures Mexico for the ball but it’s Mexico who tries to score their third goal. For most of the beginning of the second-half, Mexico seems to dominate over Costa Rica. Costa Rica gains control of the ball with a free corner kick, but Xolos goalie, Gibran Lajud secures the ball from going in. in Minute 57 Mexico gets a chance to score with a corner kick but fails to do so. After a long time of no team scoring, at minute 76 Marco Buenos scores his second goal making it 3-0 Mexico. Suddenly, “El Cubo” Torres makes his way closer to the goalie and scoring his second goal, making it 4-0 Mexico. At the end of the second-half Mexico shuts out Costa Rica with a final score of 4-0


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