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There is something new coming to Disney’s Mickey PhilharMagic, which will feature Donald Duck and characters from Disney and Pixar’s Coco on July 17.

It’s been reported that the new scene for the show will bring a whole new excitement for park-goers as they witness Hector and Miguel performing a musical number; even Donald Duck will be adding a little humor throughout the scene. The scene takes place in the land of the dead, exactly like from the film, along with exciting surprises such as the song “Un Poco Loco.” In addition, it is the first time where Disney and Pixar animators are working on a creative addition that will bring characters from both animation studios together on screen, such as the spirit animals Pepita “The Big Cat” and Dante “The Dog.”

Since music is such an important addition to the show, Germain Franco – the film’s original composer – will produce a Coco score specially made for the attraction, according to Disney Parks Blog. Along with this new scene, there will also be other musical numbers to look forward to playing in the auditorium’s 150ft-wide 3D screen.

Mickey PhilharMagic is a 12-minute show with 3D effects, scents, and a water concert that features characters from Disney movies. It is currently one of the most talked-about and compared attractions in all of the Disney parks. The revamped attraction will be available to park-goers starting July 17 at Disneyland Paris and Disneyland California Adventures.