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Mike Scioscia, long-time manager of the Los Angeles Angels, says that report that was released yesterday claiming he would step down at the end of the 2018 season is “Poppycock”.

The initial report came from The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, just hours after the Angels’ 0-3 defeat to the Cleveland Indians. Scioscia has managed the Angels from Anaheim to the start of their tenure as Los Angeles natives, and is in the midst of his 19th season with the team.

“Nothing has changed since we talked last October,” Scioscia told the media Sunday morning before the Angels took on the Indians. “That’s the best way I can put it. There’s always chatter out there. The only word I have is poppycock. That’s all it is.”

Scioscia said at the end of last season, in October, that he wouldn’t seek a new contract with the team until after he completed his current deal which runs through the end of the current 2018 season.

The Angels won their first and only World Series title under Scioscia back in 2002, defeating the San Francisco Giants in a classic seven-game series. However, the Angels have only reached the playoffs six other seasons during his 19-year tenure, the last being four years ago in 2014.

Scioscia has compiled a 1,625-1,402 regular-season record, making him one of the most successful managers in MLB history. Only 17 other managers have won more games than Scioscia, and 12 of those managers are in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Scioscia is also the Angels all-time leader in managerial wins with exactly 1,000 more wins than Bill Rigney.