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Minions Commercial Debuts in SuperBowl

Ever thought about how The Minions came to the big screen? On Friday, Jul. 10, 2015 the “Minions” movie will debut as a prequel and tell their story of how Minions were created and how they made themselves visible to humans. Not only that but this Super Bowl Sunday they will give a preview of their unique commercial, you can’t miss it, even if you don’t like watching football just bare with it to see their most awaited message.

Knowing how the Minions are, they will surely not disappoint and make you and your family laugh. What is a prequel? a prequel is a movie telling the story of how something came to be, for example in this movie the Minions tell their story of their struggles and how they appointed their leader. Most of the time the leader they appointed didn’t work out and had to look for a new one, because Minions have to have a leader they became sad and didn’t know what else to do.

Then these two brave Minions couldn’t take it anymore and for once took initiative and became their own leaders to make sure to find a permanent leader for their Minion friends. They walked through different weathers, they became ill, but never gave up and made sure to come back with someone to work and look up to. The question is who did they find and did these brave Minions make it to the end? You’ll have to find out this Summer to see who the Minions appointed as their new leader and if their leader makes it to the end.

Minions Super Fan Commercial:

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Jazmin Bolanos

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